Which Vendor Do You HAVE To Book First?

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At last, you've picked a date and it’s time to start the planning process. Putting together a wedding can certainly be a daunting & stressful experience, but it can also be a lot of fun! Often the hardest hurdle is at the very beginning -  figuring out what to do first.  How can you pick the photographer when you haven’t picked the venue?  How can you pick a cake decorator when you haven’t even settled on a color scheme? 

(Still from video) Thousand Islands Boldt Castle

(Still from video) Thousand Islands Boldt Castle

Good news: this is you and your partner’s day and you can do whatever you want.

There’s no magic formula to planning a wedding.  That said, it can help to be nudged in a certain direction. Here are four perspectives on picking your first vendor: 


1 - If you value atmosphere:
The Venue.

This might seem a bit obvious, but venues can be tricky to book and they often determine the date of the event.  If you’re particularly sensitive to space and lighting, finding a venue that speaks to you is vital to determining your wedding style and planning accordingly. Don’t hesitate to ask for a moment alone with your partner while touring a venue. Sometimes pausing and taking a breath in a space that inspires you is just what you need to jump-start the planning. 

(Still from video) Tablescapes:   Pieceful Settings

(Still from video) Tablescapes: Pieceful Settings

2 - if you value passionate stories:
The Photographer + Cinematographer.

Many couples joke that finding the perfect photographer is as important as finding the perfect spouse!  You want photo + video companies who can work in tandem to capture beautiful moments with flexibility and ease, so you can sit back and enjoy your day without stressing about it for a second. Look for a photographer whose images you love, and who you feel you can talk to openly and honestly. Look for a cinematographer whose storytelling brings you laughter & joyful tears, because you know you'll want those good memories to feel fresh in 20 years. Every wedding is different, and the right companies will treat yours as a completely unique event. 
(P.S. Check out one of our favorites here: Storybook Wedding At The Canfield Casino)

(Still from video) Burlap & Beams

(Still from video) Burlap & Beams


3 - If you value the finer things:
The Caterer.

(Still from video) Burlap & Beams

(Still from video) Burlap & Beams

For all you foodies out there, your choice of caterer means everything. You want the food you serve at your wedding to look good, taste good, and make your guests feel great - and like the photographer, you want a caterer that listens to all your questions and needs. As well, the food you serve your guests is a reflection of how much you care for them. Finding the right caterer can be a great place to begin because the process is quite fun! Cake tasting anyone? Starting things off with a treat can be a wonderful reminder to relax and enjoy picking out your favorite everything. 


4 - If you value natural beauty:
The Floral Designer.

(Still from video) Floral Design:   Blooms For Rooms

(Still from video) Floral Design: Blooms For Rooms

Flowers are an integral part of weddings and are a wonderful place to begin planning a color scheme. What could be more inspiring than the splendid variety of colors and textures found in decorative flowers and greenery?  A good floral designer will sit down with you to discuss complimentary colors and potential arrangements, which can influence the entire mood and style of the ceremony and reception.  For many, designing a bouquet that expresses who you are is a great place to ground your day in your personal style. 

5 - OK, so what's the real answer?

Simply think about what you value most and start there.
A few questions to ask yourself:
- What elements are you particularly sensitive to at other people’s weddings?
- What piques your interest?
- Do you want your story to be a family heirloom?
- Would your future generations wish they had it?
- Close your eyes and imagine your perfect day, what’s the first image that pops into your head?
Let your personality & passions guide you. If you're not quite ready to choose vendors yet & need some inspiration to get started, head over and check out our post with 5 tips for finding your wedding style. Once you have a foothold on the planning process, the rest will follow - and don’t forget to have fun. After all, you’re getting married!