Thank you for considering us to be a part of your day!
Directly below you will find our Wedding Cinema Collections, further down is a brief description of the Collection Terms
 + Extras.
More information about any of these terms may be found by calling 518-681-1690 or filling out the form on our Contact Page

Collection One

 - Up to 8 Hours Coverage
- 2 Cinematographers
- Wedding Trailer
- Documentary Film
- Digital Download Delivery

Collection Two

- Up to 9 Hours Coverage
- 2 Cinematographers
- Wedding Trailer
- Documentary Film
- Archival Raw Footage
- Luxe USB + Hard Drive Delivery

Collection Three

- Up to 10 Hours Coverage
- 2 Cinematographers
- Wedding Trailer
- Documentary Film
- Social Media Film
- Archival Raw Footage
- Luxe USB Box + Hard Drive Delivery
- All Northeastern Travel Included

Collection Terms + Extras

Wedding Trailer
3-5 minute trailer set to a beautiful music score, drawing from all aspects of your day artfully telling your story in a creative sharable film.
Link to film hosted online for sharing with friends & family.

Documentary Film
30-45 minute film telling the story of each part of your day comprehensively.
Typically includes wedding prep, full ceremony, & full reception events.

Additional Coverage Hours +400/hr
        Coverage available by your 2 cinematographers if events are longer than 8 hours.

Social Media Film +300
        30 second film highlighting the best parts of your day with the most dynamic & beautiful imagery we create.
Sent to you within the very next week to share with the world.

Feature Film +1200
        20 minute cinematic film set to multiple music scores.

Luxe USB Box Delivery +300
        Trailer + Films delivered on a custom USB drive packaged in a beautifully finished slide box.

DVD Delivery +500
        Trailer + Films delivered on custom designed DVDs (x3) enclosed in custom designed cases.

Archival Raw Footage: Hard Drive Delivery +500
    All raw footage + films from your day archived in folders and delivered to you on a hard drive for safe keeping. 

Travel Rate: $1/mile one way
    A travel rate is calculated at $1/mile one way and is applied to any location outside a 50 mile radius of Glens Falls, NY.
Any location that is near 3+ hrs away will require an overnight hotel charge in addition to the travel rate.