The following information is here to help you more comprehensively understand how we work & why we think you'd love working with us. We explain a little bit more about what we offer to our couples & hopefully answer any questions you have.
Of course, if you still have any lingering questions feel free to ask Kenny or Emily and we'll respond ASAP.
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TOPicS we cover:

Wedding Trailer

3-5 minute cinematic trailer set to a beautiful music score, drawing from all aspects of your day artfully telling your story in a creative sharable film.
Deliverable via digital download, USB Box, or DVD depending on Collection choice.
Link to film hosted online for sharing with friends & family.

Short FILM

8-12 minute cinematic film set to multiple music scores telling your story in a
creative long-form sharable film.
Deliverable via digital download, USB Box, or DVD depending on Collection choice.


16-20 minute cinematic film set to multiple music scores telling your story in a
creative long-form sharable film.
Deliverable via digital download, USB Box, or DVD depending on Collection choice.



Includes full wedding ceremony, toasts, & first dance.
Deliverable via digital download, USB Box, or DVD.


We have several wonderful ways you may receive your films:



The Digital Download is our way of giving you access to all your films on all your devices. This way you can share your films with anyone at any moment. Visiting relatives or friends with no modern media? No problem. Having the ability to save your films on everything allows to relive your day anywhere.


Luxe USB Boxes are our favorite. They come with sexy black or brushed nickel caps enclosed in your option of soft black or white slide boxes. The Luxe USBs are awesome if you need a tangible display of your films for your bookshelf or coffee table.
More examples may be found here: Luxe USB Delivery


Our DVD Case Sets include 3 copies. Distributable however you see fit, but we like to think of it as: one for the couple & one for each set of parents. DVDs will have a menu for easy navigation of your films, as well as a customized casing with glossy or canvas material.

Think of it like cooking.

You want the filet mignon to be savory & delicious on your wedding day right? Of course.
Using the best quality utensils & ingredients combined with the most skilled chef will yield an amazing meal that you can only wish lasted forever.
That's what we do. Except our meals do last forever.
With wedding cinematography the utensils are our equipment, the ingredients are your moments, and the chefs are our vetted team.
Aside from the equipment & experience necessary, we also have LOTS of editing time that stretches far beyond your day:

While we don't capture literally every single moment of our coverage time (and that's not the goal either) we still have at least 8 hours worth of clips to sort through to get the essentials & good stuff. From the essentials we mesh together our multiple camera angles from your ceremony, first dance, & toasts to play out in full. We then create separate films of those important parts of your day that reveal your story.
That's a Documentary Film.

After we have the good stuff, we search every part of your letters, vows, & toasts to find your story and let it unfold weaving in & out of those moments of your day. Now for the music.
This process alone can take a few hours. We have several approved artists that consistently deliver music we feel matches our brand & the couples that want to work with us. Based on the unfolding flow of your story we find music that accompanies & complements you, your wedding decor, & everything that made your day unique.
That's a Short & Feature Film.

Now, we take your overall story and squeeze out the best of the best. We create a condensed version of your Short or Feature Film similar to that of a movie trailer you would see online. About 3-5 minutes in length is just enough to tell your story in a compelling way while also leaving everyone wanting more. We search again for just the right music & story pieces and marry it to the most beautiful imagery of your day.
That's a Wedding Trailer.

After seeing how all the utensils, ingredients, & experience come together in the editing room you can probably see why wedding cinematography costs so much. Wedding films & gourmet meals have a lot in common!

So the question remains:
Is it worth the investment?

We think so, it's one of the few meals you'll have that lasts longer than 30 minutes.
However, we prefer to let our clients tell you.
Head over to our reviews page and let some of our favorite people tell you why they're glad they made decision to work with us:

Here are the start-to-finish steps once you fill out our contact form & make sure we're available for your day:


We want to get to know as much about you & your day as possible and see where you are in your search for the right companies. Any questions you have are open for asking and we'll help to guide you through understanding how we work and which Collection & add-ons work best for you and your budget.


When we settle on a Collection that has exactly what you're looking for Emily will write up a contract for us. The contract will have your essential information, Collection choice, and our terms & conditions for post-production and final products. We like to keep our booking accessible but need to know you're serious. As such we require a small reservation fee, but further payments may be made in any amount you'd like as long as you're paid in full one month before your date. Once we receive both your signed contract & reservation fee you may consider yourself booked!


Approximately 2 months before your wedding date we'll send over a brief questionnaire to fill out that will provide us with timeline & gather vendor contact information, then 1-2 weeks before your wedding date we'll schedule a time to chat over the phone about your the details of the form. From there we'll make a timeline for ourselves and call your planner/coordinator, photographer, & anyone else necessary to introduce ourselves and make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible.


On your wedding day we'll plan to arrive about 30-60 minutes before our start time. This is to ensure we have enough time to "debrief" with our team before we head out, do any necessary equipment prep, & make sure we're 100% ready to shoot when your coverage time begins. Toward the end of your day we'll ask you approximately 30 minutes before our end time if you'd like us to extend our coverage to Over Time (to be billed later, no cash necessary) to cover more of your celebration. When we're finished we'll say our goodbyes to you & your vendors and be on our way.


After your big day we immediately backup all footage to multiple locations for safekeeping & enter you into our queue. We'll keep you posted on your position in the queue and when your films are next to be edited. Be on the lookout for sneak-peek frame grabs on our social media pages too, we like to post from our current projects. Once you're up we send a draft of your Wedding Trailer, you let us know about any minor fixes, then we'll post! From there we finish up your lengthier films of choice, then design & place an order for your USB Box or DVD set. When we ship out your films we'll send you a tracking number & ask that you give us a quick shout to let us know you received everything safe & sound. Next, sit back & enjoy your films!


See some of our Instagram sneak-peeks below: